The municipality of Chudčice lies 25 km northwest of Brno, and sits at 247 meters above sea level. The Chudčice Brook flows by the village and then joins the Kuřimka Brook. The latter runs through the village and behind it and flows into the Brno Dam.

The natural park “Podkomorské lesy” (Podkomoří Woods) and a game preserve are located near the village. Lands belonging to the municipality cover 1013 acres. 86.5 acres are covered in woods also owned by the village.

The first mention of the village dates back to 1235 AD, when Margrave Přemysl endowed the monastery in Doubravník with one part of Chudčice (Hudsy). Derived from a name of a local aristocratic family, the name Chudčice started to be used in the 9th century.

A statue of Jan Nepomuk and a cross dating back to 1809 belong among the oldest historic landmarks in Chudčice. The most significant monument is the Calvary Road composed of 14 chapels and three stone crosses at the end. The road ends at the place where a wooden Holy Cross Church once stood but was abrogated by an order dating from 1784 issued by Emperor Joseph II. The Calvary Road was consecrated in 1856 and it has celebrated its 150th anniversary recently. The wayside shrine situated near the old road to Čebín comes from the second half of the 19th century. In 1959, the Cultural House of Chudčice was finished. Equipped with a large hall with rich plaster decorations, it is the most significant building constructed in the village in recent history. Currently, the local municipal authority has its offices there and it hosts several cultural events. Finished in 1996, the new Chapel of the Elevation of the Holy Cross was consecrated by Vojtěch Cikrle, the Bishop of Brno.

At the moment, the municipality of Chudčice has a population of 820 inhabitants, and 250 houses have been built there. The water distribution system supplies water from the “Bílý potok” (White Brook). The town has yet to connect to a natural gas supply and does not have a sewage system. Transport is provided by the regional integrated system. The village is well equipped with a kindergarten and a basic school, two canteens, a restaurant and a guest house “Pod Horkou”, a tourist restaurant “U Pavlíčků” and two rest camps. A range of organizations operate in Chudčice, such as the Sokol Sport Association (football, tennis), children's organizations (Parents and Children, The Sun, The Ball), the Union of Retired People and the Gamekeepers Association. Situated not far from the Brno Dam and offering beautiful and peaceful surroundings, Chudčice provides good conditions both for living and recreational activities.