Basswood of Chudčice

“Chudčická lípa” (basswood of Chudčice) is a historical tree located in the village of Chudčice, which is situated northwest of Brno. You can find this 250-year-old small-leaved linden (Tilia cordata) near the road running to Veverská Bítýška, on the embankment of the former railway line from Kuřim to Veverská Bítýška.

It is assumed that the tree was planted on the dike of a pond that later disappeared. The circumference of the tree's trunk is 3.2 meters (measured at 1.3 meters above the ground) and the tree reaches a height of 24 meters. It has been listed as having a “natural and aesthetic value” since 2003.

The tree was to be cut down, but in 2004, the Šenkyřík Design Bureau developed an initiative to save the 250-year-old small-leaved linden of Chudčice. The decision to dispose of the tree had already been issued but the company commissioned an expert report. Based on this report they negotiated with the Department of Environment in Kuřim. As a result, this 24-meter- high basswood with a circumference of 3.2 m was listed as a historical tree and it still dominates this part of the village.

However, in June 2006 the historical tree was poisoned by an unknown delinquent who injected it with mercury. Experts say that it is going to die in the near future.