Calvary Road

The small village of Chudčice is situated northwest of the city of Brno, not far from Veveří Castle. A path leading to Calvary Road begins right below the castle at the bus stop called “Lávka pod hradem” (Footbridge below the castle).

The 303 bus runs from the stop at the ZOO. If you want to see Calvary Road, take the blue marked trail in the direction of “Tři kříže” (Three Crosses) at the fork in the road. The road runs past a deer park called “Přehrada” (The Dam) which is situated among the Brno Dam and the municipalities of Rozdrojovice, Moravské Knínice and Chudčice. Then it continues up “U tří křížů” hill (At Three Crosses Hill) above Chudčice, along the border of the city of Brno.

It is composed of 14 chapels (masonry structures) topped with gabled roofs. There are three stone crosses at the end. The road ends at the place where a wooden Holy Cross Church once stood but was abrogated by an order dating from 1784 issued by Emperor Joseph II. Calvary Road was consecrated in 1856 and recently celebrated its 150th anniversary.